Got the winter blues?

Can’t afford a vacation?…Or just need some Vitamin D?

Just in time for the cold, dark days of New England winter, bosTAN, Boston’s new, premier, tanning spa, comes to the rescue to offer Bostonians a ray of sunshine.

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bosTAN, located at 125 Charles Street, in Boston’s historic and chic Beacon Hill neighborhood, caters to a sophisticated but diverse clientele with discerning tastes. bosTAN offers state of the art tanning equipment and an atmosphere of elegance and serenity.

Don’t succumb to the winter doldrums when, in just a few minutes in one of bosTAN’s top of the line beds by ProSun International will rejuvenate you and leave you radiant. bosTAN is the city’s most elegant tanning spa, with the best rates and packages available in town. Hours of operation are: 9AM – 9PM (Monday-Saturday) and 12PM - 7PM on Sundays.

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